About Us


History of our Company

In 2009 Pattenden Web Design became a house-hold name when Garrick Pattenden had started to build websites for his friends for a small fee at that time. After a very short period of time his websites that were built began to get noticed by many others in Australia, and in the UK. Pattenden Web Design is a Canadian Company based out of Ontario Canada. 

Garrick Pattenden, Our Founder

He is the Founder of Pattenden Web Design in 2009 just as he was becoming distinguishable. He is one of the most learned men of his age, he had been working as a computer repair technician in his mid twenties. When Garrick Pattenden was in his late thirties, he began to study HTML and CSS. 


Our Team

Bob Russell

S.E.O Expert

Yvonne Moore

Financial Advisor