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I’m Garrick Pattenden, I Design & Build Clean and Modern Websites

Pattenden Web Design offers you an Inexpensive Solution to your Website building needs. I can build your website for you while you are taking care of your busy lifestyle. I can have a website of your choice built within 14 days! With so many Designs and Styles to choose from, let me make life much easier for you.

Are you looking into Building and Designing a Personal or Professional Business Website, but you don’t have the time or the know how to build one? I can help you!

Our Services

Corporate Websites

Corporate Website Designs are Great for Large, Medium, and Small businesses.


Search engine marketing is your source for Internet marketing, the promotion of websites, by increasing their visibility in (SERPs)

Small Business Websites

Small Business Website Design are great for the entrepreneur who needs to increase their Revenue.

Website Security

Website Security is to Protect Your Site From Hackers! It Provides complete cloud-based website protection.

Personal Websites

Personal Website Designs are Great for sharing Special Occasions, or just for fun.


Key CDN is a real-time content delivery network. Content Delivery Network (CDN) is use to Speed up your games, software delivery, advertisements, CMS, websites etc.


Search Engine Optimization is getting traffic for you website within search results on search engines.

Website Backup Services

Website Backup Services allows you to Secure your Personal & Business data by backing up your website in the cloud.


  • Does it right. Impressive services!

    So after fumbling and fumbling through free web site builders , then upgrading to WordPress spending almost 2 years of my free time learning how to get everything together on my site it still wasn't right. Feeling so frustrated and defeated. I called Pattenden web design not only did he understand all the technical issues I was having and fix those he was able to help me with hosting issues also. The best part he was able to take my vision for my company and transform into a beautiful fully functional web . Sometimes you just have to call in the pros!

    Does it right. Impressive services!

My Commitment To My Clients

Companies and clients alike, need to trust the people with whom they do business. I know as a client you expect honest, straightforward interactions where your voice is heard. As a company I work to inspire brand loyalty and deliver satisfaction while trying to understand you better. Along with open, authentic communication, comes the mutual responsibility to make it work. By adopting these five practical measures, we can together, realize the benefits of our business relationship.


1. As a company I promise to be human, avoid scripts, canned answers, and corporate doublespeak. As a client I ask that you be understanding and show the same respect and kindness to my company as your representative that you would like shown to you.

2. As a company I use my real name and express a personal touch. As a client I ask that you too use your real identity, and work to build a positive long-term reputation with my company.

3. As a company I anticipate that problems will occur and set clear, public expectations in advance for how I will correct them. As a client I ask you recognize that problems will occur, and give companies the information and time required to fix them.

4. As a company I will cultivate a public dialog with my clients so they feel they are being heard and to demonstrate my accountability. As a client I ask you share issues directly with my company and give me the opportunity to respond, so we can work with you to resolve problems.

5. As a company I promise to demonstrate good intentions by speaking plainly, earnestly, and candidly with you about problems that may arise.


As a client I ask you give my company the benefit of the doubt, and be open to what I have to say.


My hope is by working together in these ways we can build long-term relationships filled with trust and communication. I believe that When I help you succeed you will help me succeed.

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